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        Our logic card looks great.

.        We are RINGRI ,we design and produce Formatter cards,Logic cards,USB cards and other printer spare.
.        We are finding more new distributors for our products .At the same time, we welcome the introduction of cooperative businesses, and we will pay a generous introduction fee.



  中国海关总署日前发布的统计数据显示,今年前5个月,我国贸易货物进出口总值14.76万亿元,同比增长28.2%,比2019年同期增长21.6%。从单月数据看,截至5月,进出口已连续12个月呈增长态势。国际社会认为,中国对外贸易保持强劲势头,将持续带动世界经济恢复。对华经贸合作成为很多国家疫后经济复苏的重要支柱。 继续阅读“海关数据:中国对外贸易保持强劲势头”